Blackberry to iPhone

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How to Backup Pictures, Videos and Contacts from a Blackberry in order to move then to an iPhone:

*** Do a complete backup on your Blackberry***

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How to backup contacts from a Blackberry in order to transfer to an iPhone: 

Your contacts have been synced from your device to Groupwise (now Outlook) and vice versa but if you have 3 or more phone numbers for one person, this step is crucial. The fields available in Groupwise may not have matched up with the fields on your device. This step will prevent any loss of Contact data.

  1. On your Blackberry, go into your contacts, click the blackberry button (dotted button beside the scroll square), and choose options. Under “Contact Lists”, select “Desktop”,  uncheck “Wireless Synchronization”, click back and when prompted, click save.


  1. Plug your Blackberry into your computer using an usb cable.


  1. Open the Blackberry Desktop Software.


  1. Click on “Organizer” on the left side of the page and put a checkmark in the “Contacts” box.

BB 4


  1. Click “Configure” next to Contacts and under “Sync direction”, select “One way to your computer only”.

BB 5


  1. Click “OK”. On the main screen, click “Sync Organizer”.


  1. Your Blackberry contacts are now synced to your computer using Windows contacts.


  1. To see your Windows Contacts, click on the Start button, and type Contacts.


How to transfer pictures/videos to your computer (to be moved to your iPhone later):

  1. In the Blackberry desktop software, click on Pictures.

how to BB 1


  1. Notice the location of the Picture folder. This can be changed by clicking on “Change import folder”.


  1. Choose the pictures you’d like to import and click “Import Pictures”.


  1. Once completed, you will see this screen.

how to BB 4


  1. If you have Videos, follow the same steps as listed above.