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All About Blackboard

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Students Cannot See Their Course (make course available/unavailable)

  1. Teacher will see (not currently available) next to their course name
  2. Click on the Course in question
  3. Expand Customization under control panel(left side)
  4. Click: Properties
  5. Teacher will see Make Course Available
  • Click the yes option(the blue dot will move)
  1. Click Submit

Instructor Cannot See Their Courses (hide or display certain courses)

  1. Click the Gear icon next to Advanced My Courses
  2. Click the checkbox for the Course Names you would like displayed
  3. Click Submit

How long are the courses available to the instructor?

A full time instructor will have access to their course for approximately 15 months or longer. This was increased from 9 – 10 months over a year ago as instructors wanted to access their past courses. This should remain as long as there is storage space without exceeding the college quota.

Using SafeAssign

  1. On the Create Assignment page, expand Submission Details (click on it).
  2. Select Check submissions for plagiarism using SafeAssign.
  3. Optionally, select one or both options:
    1. Allow students to view the SafeAssign originality reports on their submissions.
    2. Exclude all student submissions for this assignment from the institutional or global reference databases.
  4. Complete the Create Assignment page.
  5. Select Submit.

Create a Journal

  1. Go to Control Panel > Course Tools > Journals and select Create Journal.
  2. Type a name and optional instructions. Make the journal available to students.
  3. Select the Display After and Display Until check boxes to enable the date and time selections. Display restrictions don’t affect the journal availability, only when it appears.
  4. In the Journal Settings section, select Monthly or Weekly Index Entries. If you want, you may select check boxes to allow users to edit and delete entries, or delete comments.
    • Optionally, select the check box to Permit Course Users to View Journal. If selected, the journal becomes public. All users can view all journal entries made to the journal topic.
  5. In the Grade Settings section, select No grading or the Grade option and type the number of Points possible. Points possible will apply to one or more entries made by a user to the journal topic. After you enable grading, a column is created automatically in the Grade Center. The journal is permanently gradable, and you can’t change the setting to No grading.
  1. If you want, select the check box for Show participants in needs grading status and select the number of entries required. If you apply this setting, the Needs Grading icon will show in the Grade Center. The entries will appear in the queue on the Needs Grading page after student activity meets this threshold.
  2. Add a rubric if you want.
  3. Select Submit.

Import a test, survey, or pool

  1. On the Control Panel, expand the Course Tools section and select Tests, Surveys, and Pools.
  2. On the Tests, Surveys, and Pools page, select the item you want to import, such as Pools.
  3. Select Import.
  4. On the Import page, browse for the file from your computer or your course’s file repository: Course Files or the Content Collection.
  5. Select Submit.

Export a test, survey, or pool

  1. Access the menu for a test, survey, or pool and select Export.
  2. Select OK in the pop-up window to save the file.

Create an announcement

  1. On the Control Panel, go to Course Tools > Announcements.
  2. Select Create Announcement on the action bar.
  3. Type a Subject, which appears as the title of the announcement on the Announcements page.
  4. Type your message.
  5. In the Web Announcements Options section, choose to restrict the announcement by date or not.
  6. If you choose Not Date Restricted, the announcement is visible until you remove it.
  7. If you choose Date Restricted, select the Display After and Display Until check boxes to enable the date and time selections. Provide the date and time restriction settings.
  8. Select the Email Announcement check box to send students an email containing the announcement. The email is sent to all students, even those who choose not to receive announcement notifications through email. Your institution controls if this option is available.
  9. Optionally, in the Course Link section, select Browse to link to a course area, tool, or item.
  10. Links to course content won’t appear in the email announcement if you choose to send one.
  11. Select Submit.

Copy Files in a Course to your own Computer

  1. Expand the Content Collection heading, normally found just beneath the Control Panel heading.
  2. Click the first item under the Content Collection heading which should match the ID of the course.
  3. Select the file(s) to copy to the local computer by clicking in the selection box beside the filename.
  4. At the top of the list, click on the Download Package button.
  5. In the Windows pop-up select to save the file(s).
    • The files will be zipped even if it is only one file.

Merge Course Sections/Course Collapse

  1. On the MyNC Portal go to More Applications -> Blackboard
  2. Click: Merge Blackboard Sections
  3. Select the appropriate Merge choice (open Examples)
  4. Click the Start Merge button
  5. Fill in the drop down boxes
  6. In the next section, review the Blackboard Course ID and sections selected
  7. Click Continue
  8. The merge can take up to 2 days however it is usually done by the next day.

Note: It can take up to 24 hours for your new collapsed course to replace the individual section courses in Blackboard. Until this replacement is complete, do not modify or add content to the individual courses.

Note: Collapsed courses have new ID codes where the section numbers are replaced with letters.

Making a Test Available

Go to Edit the Test Options -> in part 2 Test Availability, Make the Link Available – Click on the Yes button and Submit.

Adding Faculty and Staff to Courses

  1. Under Control Panel
  2. Click: Course Tools
  3. Click: Manage Users
  4. Add or remove users by role
  5. Select a course role: Instructor, Teaching Assistant, Student