Blackboard Update – Updated Blackboard Text Box

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Adding Content and Embedding Videos Using the Updated Blackboard Text Box

Recently, Blackboard has undergone an update that has altered the text box used to input text, images, videos, and attachments in a course site.  Although much of the functionality of the old text box remains, the location, names, and appearance of some of these functions have been altered.  In particular, the options to upload or attach content, add a YouTube video, or embed a video from another source such as MS Stream have changed.

A copy of this Document can be downloaded in .PDF format here: BB Update – Text Box

This document will explain how to use the updated text box to:

  • Add content, such as attachments and images
  • Embed a YouTube video
  • Embed videos from other video hosting platforms, such as MS Stream

The updated text box looks like this:

Adding Content

To add content to a Blackboard course site using the text box, you can now use the Add Content button.

If you can only see one line of buttons when you first access a text box, first click on the “More” button to the top right to expand the button options.

The number of rows and location of buttons may vary slightly depending on factors such as the size of your screen and the size of your browser window.

To add content to your course site, click on the Add Content button, which looks like a plus sign in a circle.  This button will allow you to add content such as attachments and images.



The Add Content button will allow you to access a few different options for adding content to your course.  If you want to attach files located on your computer, select the Insert Local Files option.


If you have files stored on a cloud-based service, such as OneDrive, select the Insert from Cloud Service option.



This option will allow you to choose between different cloud services to upload your course materials.


Embedding YouTube Videos

The Add Content button will also allow you to add YouTube videos.  Select YouTube Video from the list to access the YouTube Search tool.

Embedding Other Videos

The process for embedding videos from a range of services, including MS Stream or YouTube, is still the same as in this video if you’re using MS Stream or this video if you’re working with other sites.  However, in the new text box you can click on the Source Code button, which looks like this: “<>”.



This will open an HTML editor.  You can copy and paste the embed code from another video site and put that into the HTML editor.  Then, click Save.  You should see the video display in the text box.