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Quick Start Guide

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We’ve created a mobile version of Excel for your Windows 10 tablet. Use this guide to learn the basics.

Explore commands on the ribbon

Browse the ribbon to see what Excel Mobile can do. Tap or click the tabs — it’s up to you.

Name or rename your workbooks

Excel Mobile saves files automatically, so you can focus on your work. To change the name of a workbook, tap the title bar.

Get instant access to favorite commands

Find a command, get help, invite others to collaborate, and undo or redo recent edits.

Edit cells right in place

Tap a cell to select it, tap it again to edit it. Or drag its handles to extend a selection.

Organize your workbooks

Start with one sheet in your workbook and add more as you need them.

Insert and edit functions

Use the formula bar to view or edit the selected cell or to insert functions into your formulas.

Take control of your cells

Tap the Cells menu to insert, shift, delete, or clear single cells, cell ranges, rows, or columns.

Accept or reject formulas

Tap the Enter or Cancel button to accept or reject changes you’ve made to your formulas.

Pinch to zoom

Set the magnification level you want by pinch-zooming in and out of your workbook.

Create something

Start with a Blank workbook to get right to work. Or save yourself a bunch of time by selecting a template that closely resembles what you need, and then customizing it to your liking.

Don’t worry about saving

Excel Mobile automatically saves all of your changes as you work — so you never have to. Even when you close the app or your tablet goes to sleep, your work is saved, so you can continue right where you left off.

To name or rename a workbook, tap its current name in the center of the title bar, and then type the name you want. Excel Mobile will continue auto-saving with the new file name you entered.

Find your recent files

Whenever you start Excel Mobile, the Recent list shows you workbooks you’ve recently opened. To return to this list at any time, tap File > Open and then tap the workbook you want — or tap Browse to look for files not in the list.

Touch or click where you want

Excel Mobile gives you the option to work in tablet mode on the go, or in laptop mode when you have a mouse and keyboard attached.

To right-click an item in your workbook, such as a cell or a sheet tab, tap to select it and then tap it a second time (or hold your finger on it for a moment). You can then use any of the contextual commands on the menu that appears.

Select a range of cells

Tap any cell in your workbook to select it. To extend the selection, drag the handles in any direction until the cell range you want is selected. You can now format, calculate, or chart the contents of your selection — or use any of the contextual commands on the menu that appears.

Edit cells and formulas

To edit a cell in your workbook, tap to select it, and then double-tap it to activate the cursor for editing. You can edit the contents of a cell right in place, or type in the formula bar located just under the ribbon. To accept your changes, tap outside of your selection, or tap the green check mark on the formula bar.

Insert rows and columns

To insert new rows and columns, tap the header cell of an existing row or column, and then tap Insert on the menu that appears. To insert multiple rows or columns, first drag the circular handle to extend your initial selection before tapping Insert. If you make a mistake, tap the Undo icon in the upper right of the app.

Move rows and columns

To move a row or column to another location in your workbook, tap to select its header cell. While selected, press and hold the selection, and then drag it with your finger to the location you want. Excel Mobile will show a thick insertion bar to indicate where the dragged row or column will be dropped when you let go.

Share work with others

Excel Mobile lets you work privately on your own, but you can just as easily share your work with others. To give someone permission to view or edit your current workbook, tap File > Share, and then set the options you want.

Get other Quick Start Guides

Excel Mobile is just one of the new mobile Office apps for your Windows 10 tablet or device. Visit http://aka.ms/office-mobile-guides to download our free Quick Start Guides for the mobile versions of Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

Find a command or get help

Not sure where to find a command or setting? Tap the lightbulb icon in the upper right corner, and then type what you’re looking for. In the search results, tap a command to use it immediately — there’s no need to look for it on the ribbon.

Send us your feedback

Love Excel Mobile? Got suggestions for improvement? We want to hear from you! Tap File > Feedback and then follow the steps to submit your thoughts about the app directly to the product team. Thank you!

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