Setting up Faculty & Staff Accounts

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This article contains information about faculty/staff computer accounts.

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Account Format

Your Computer/Blackboard and Outlook Email user account name are all the same.


X is the 1st initial of your first name, as provided to Human Resources.

YYYYYY is your surname, as provided to Human Resources.

For example if your name is John Smith, your user name might be jsmith.


Common Errors

User Account Expired

Problem: User gets an ‘Account Expired’ error message.

Causes: You are no longer a staff member or not currently enrolled in classes.


  • Make sure that your TER has not expired by contacting your Staff/Admin Assistant, your supervisor or Human Resources.


Username or Password Incorrect

Problem: User receives an ‘invalid credentials’ error message.

Causes: The password or username is incorrect.


  • Make sure your username and password are spelt correctly and CAPS lock is off and the Num Lock light on the keyboard is on


Invalid Name / Date of Birth

Problem: User receives an ‘invalid name’ error message.

Causes: Your name and date of birth do not match exactly.


  • Be sure your name and date of birth match exactly. Contact Human Resources to confirm this information.


Password Change Failed

Problem: Password change fails when the user tries to change the password.

Causes: New password does not meet the required criteria or the password has been previously used.


  • Make sure the password is at least 8 characters with at least 1 capital letter, 1 lowercase letter,1 number and/or a special character.
  • Make sure you have not used this password before.
  • Your password cannot include more than three sequential letters from your username.


Password Change Required

Problem: User gets a ‘Password change required’ error message.

Causes: Password must be changed due to system security policies.


  • Enter a new password that meets the required criteria.


Password Expired

Problem: User gets a ‘Password expired’ error message.

Causes: Password must be changed every 90 days due to system security policies.


  • Enter a new password that meets the required criteria.


Password Recently Changed

Problem: Password cannot be changed more than once per hour using the Web interface.

Causes: This is due to system security policies, to prevent system abuse.


  • Wait one hour before trying to change your password using the Web interface.


No Secret Questions

Problem: User tries to reset the password and receives error message ‘This account does not have any secret questions and thus cannot perform a forgotten password reset’.

Causes: Staff accounts do not have the ability to reset forgotten passwords.


  • Contact the Help Desk to reset your password.


Account Expiration

There are several things to keep in mind when dealing with access of staff accounts and whether or not you can or cannot log in. Below you will find an explanation as to how and when accounts are expired.


Full-time staff:  Access is granted 3 months before their start date and access is lost 1 day after the employee’s end date.


Part time staff: Access granted 3 months prior to start date on contract and access is lost 3 weeks after the end date of contract.


Guest accounts : Access granted the day after account becomes active in PeopleSoft and is removed the day after the guest account is locked out of PeopleSoft.