Microsoft OneNote 2016: The Basics

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The Basics

Create a New NotebookClick My Notebook down arrow

  1. Click the My Notebook down arrow
  2. Click Add Notebook
  3. Log into your account
  4. Name it under Notebook Name
  5. Click the Create Notebook button


Create a New Section

Option 1Right click, select new section

  1. Right click next to the tabs
  2. Select New Section




Option 2click the + sign

  • Click the in the tabs of the notebook




Create a New Pageclick the + sign

Option 1

  1. Click in the Section you want it
  2. Press the + when it appears


Option 2Right click, select new page

  1. Right Click where the pages are listed
  2. Select New Page


Option 3

  • Ctrl + N


Create a SubpageRight click, Make Sub-page

  1. Right-click the page
  2. Select Make Subpage



Open an Active Notebookclick down arrow, Open Other Notebooks

  1. Click the Notebook name down arrow
  2. Click Open Other Notebook



Add a NoteClick, start typing

  1. Click anywhere in a Notebooks page
  2. Start typing



Reposition a Section, Page or Notewhen the mouse shows up with arrows

  • Click and and drag
    • Look for the cursor that has arrows going in 4 directions


Move or Copy a Section or Page

Option 1Right click the page, Move or Copy...

  1. Right-click Page tab or Section
  2. select Move or Copy . . .


Option 2

  1. Select the page to copy or move
  2. Press Ctrl + Alt + M on the keyboard


Print a PagePreview the page before printing

  1. Click File
  2. Select Print
  3. Go through options


Delete a Note

Option 1

  1. Select the note
  2. Press Delete


Option 2 Right Click on the note, press the delete button

  1. Right click on the note
  2. Select the Delete button




Option 3Press the Delete button

  • Click the Delete button



Get Help

Option 1 F1 or the help icon

  1. Press F1  on the keyboard
  2. Type in your question or browse articles


Option 2

  1. Click the Help icon
  2. Type in your question or browse articles



Option 1Click the undo button

  • Click the Undo button


Option 2

  • Press Ctrl + Z on the keyboard



  •  Press Ctrl + Y on the keyboard



Option 1Click in the search bar

  • Enter a keyword in the search bar


Option 2

  • Press Ctrl + E on the keyboard


Store a Page, Section, or Notebook in a Different FormatExport as a different format

  1. Click File
  2. Select Export
  3. Make the selection and follow the prompts
    • Export:
      • Single Page
      • Selection
      • Notebook
    • Select a Format:
      • OneNore Section
      • Word Document
      • PDF
      • XPS
      • Single File Web Page


Store a Notebook in a Different LocationChange location

  1. Right-click the Notebook name
  2. Click properties
  3. Click Change Location
  4. Log in with your Credentials
  5. Browse for a Location
  6. Click the  Select button


Click here for the brochure.