Microsoft Outlook 2016: Tasks and To-Do Items

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Tasks and To-Do Items

View TasksClick Task

  • Click the Tasks button




Create a New Tasks

Option 1Click New task

  1. Click the New Task button
  2. Fill in all the relevant information
  3. Click Save and Close



Option 2Right Click, New Task

  1. Right click in the Task list
  2. Select New Task
  3. Fill in the relevant information
  4. Click Save and Close



Option 3New items, Task

  1. Click New Item
  2. Select Task
  3. Fill in the relevant information
  4. Click Save and Close


Option 4

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + K


Complete a Task

Option 1Click the checkbox

  • Check the check box




Option 2Right click, Mark Complete

  1. Right click the Task
  2. Select Follow up
  3. Select Mark Complete 



Option 3Select the Task, Click Mark Complete

  1. Select the Desired task
  2. Click Mark Complete




Delete a Task

Option 1

  • Select the task and press Delete


Option 2Right click, Select Delete

  1. Right click The Task
  2. Select Delete 



Option 3Click the Delete Button

  1. Select The task
  2. Click the Delete button



Option 4

  • Press Ctrl + D


Create a Reoccurring Taskdouble click, reoccurrence, Options

  1. Double Click the task
  2. Select the Recurrence button
  3. Make the appropriate selections




Assign a TaskClick Assign Task

  1. Double-click the Assign Task
  2. Enter the person’s name in the To: box
  3. Fill in all of the Task Information


Click here for the brochure.