Microsoft PowerPoint 2016: Formatting Text

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Format Selected Text

Increase a Font SizeIncrease Font size

Option 1

  1. Press The Increase Font Size button


Option 2

  1. Ctrl + Shift + >


Decrease a Font SizeDecrease Font size

Option 1

  1. Press The Decrease Font Size button


Option 2

  1. Ctrl + Shift + <


Clear all FormattingRemove all formatting

  1. Press the Clear all Formatting button in the Home tab





  Bold Italic Underline Shadow

Option 1

Click Bold Click Italic Click Underline Click Shadow

Option 2

Press Ctrl + B Press Ctrl + I Press Ctrl + U

bold, italic, underline, shadow


Spacing OptionsSpacing Options

  1. Click Character Spacing 
    • Very Tight
    • Tight
    • Normal
    • Loose
    • Very Loose
    • More Spacing


Casing OptionsCasing Options

  1. Click Change Casing
    • Sentence case.
    • lowercase
    • Capitalise Each Word
    • tOGGLE cASE
    • Font Color


More Optionsclick the font dialog box

  1. Use the Font Section
  2. Click Dialog Box Launcher for more options




Change Paragraph Alignment

  Align Left Align Center Align Right Justify

Option 1

Click Align Left Click Align Center Click Align Right Click Justify

Option 2

Press Ctrl + L Press Ctrl + E Press Ctrl + R



Create a Bulleted or Numbered Listbullets and numbers

  1. Click Bullets or Numbering
  2. Press the arrow next to the icons for more options


For Multi-Level List

  1. Press Tab on any level you want indented


Change Paragraph Line SpacingLine Spacing

  1. Highlight paragraph to adjust
  2. Click Line Spacing
  3. Hover over the Options to preview
  4. Click desired Spacing option

Correct a Spelling Error

Option 1right click choose spelling option

  1. Right-click the error
  2. Select the correct option



Option 2press F7

  1. Press F7 on your keyboard
  2. Follow prompts



Option 3Click review tab and follow

  • Click the Review tab
  • Click Spelling