Microsoft PowerPoint 2016: Images, Multimedia, and Objects

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Images, Multimedia, and Objects

Insert a Pictureinsert pictures

  1. Click Insert tab
  2. Click Pictures
  3. Find and select the desired picture
  4. Click Insert


Insert Online Pictureinsert online pictures

  1. Click Insert tab
  2. Click Online Pictures
  3. Insert by:
    • Searching Bing
    • Browsing your online photos


Insert Video

For Video stored on the Computerinsert a video

  1. Click Insert tab
  2. Click the Video button
  3. Click Video on My PC



For Online Videoinsert an online video

  1. Click Online
  2. Click Online Video



Insert Audio Clip

Insert Audio from the Computerinsert audio

  1. Click Insert tab
  2. Click Audio
  3. Click Audio on my PC
    • Browse through your folders


Record Audiorecord audio

  1. Click the Insert tab
  2. Click Audio
  3. Click Record Audio…
    • Name it
    • Press the Red circle to start recording


Draw a Shapeinsert a shape

  1. Click the Insert tab
  2. Click Shapes
  3. Browse and select preferred shape
  4. Resize it as needed


Insert SmartArtinsert smartart

  1. Click the Insert tab
  2. Click SmartArt
  3. Browse and select
  4. Press OK
  5. Adjust its size as needed


Format an ObjectFormat an Object

  1. Double click the object
  2. Make adjustments with the Format tab
    • Insert Shapes
    • Style the shapes
    • Insert WordArt Styles
    • Arrange the order of shapes
    • Increase or Decrease the Size


Move an Objectmove an object

  • Click and drag in the middle of the object




Resize an Objectclick on the bubbles at the edge

  • Click and drag one of the corners or sides of the object




Delete an Object

  1. Select the object
  2. Click Delete


Click here for the brochure.