Microsoft PowerPoint 2016: Slides

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Insert a New Slide

Option 1Home, new slide

  1. Click the Home tab
  2. Click New Slide
    • Click the down arrow for layout options



Option 2right click, new slide

  1. Right Click on the side bar
  2. Click New Slide



Option 3

  • Ctrl + M


Change the Slide Layoutchange slide layout

  1. Click the Home tab
  2. Click the Layout button




Return a Slide to Default Settingsclick reset

  1. Click the Home tab
  2. Click the Reset button



Check out Different Themesclick the more button

  1. Click the Design tab
  2. Click More in the Themes group



View the Slide Masterclick the slide master

  1. Click View tab
  2. Click Slide Master



Insert Header/Footeradd header and footer

  1. Click Insert tab
  2. Click Header & Footer
  3. Select Options
  4. Click Apply or Apply to All


Add a Sectionsections

  1. Click Home
  2. Click Section



Editing the Sectionsedit sections

  1. Right click on the Section text you wish to edit
  2. Go through the options



Click here for the brochure.