Microsoft Word 2016: The Basics

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Create a New Document

  1. Open Microsoft Word 2016
  2. Three Options for new Documents
    • Make a Blank Document
    • Search for templates
      • Search from Templates you created under PERSONAL
    • On your keyboard Press Ctrl + N








Open a Document

Option 1

  1. Click File then Open
    1. Select a File listed
    2. Browse through the various Locations


Option 2

  1. Ctrl + O



Save a Document

Option 1

  1. Click the Save Icon


Option 2

  1. Click File
  2. Pick Where You want your Document Saved (OneDrive, Browse etc.)
  3. Type in the Name of the Document the first time you Save


Option 3Save a Document Select a Location

  1. Ctrl + S





Save with a Different NameSave as change save type

  1. Click File,
  2. Select Save As
  3. Enter a new name or select a preexisting file to replace it
    • Specify Format




Preview a Document

  1. Click File
  2. Select Print
    • Look to the right



Print a Document

Option 1Print Preview

  1. Click File
    • Click the Print tab
    • Check the Options before printing (Double-sided printing etc.)


Option 2

  1. Ctrl + P


View Advanced Printing Options

  1. Click File tab
  2. Click the Print tab
  3. Go through the Various Settings




Undo a mistake

Option 1Undo

  1. Click Undo button
    • Click the Down arrow next to it to go back a certain amount of undos


Option 2

  1. Ctrl + Z


Move Text with a Mouse

  1. Highlight the Text
    • Click and drag across the items or text you want to highlight
  2. Click and Drag
    • Click on the highlighted section and while you have the left mouse button clicked drag the selection around
    • A flashing cursor appears where you want to


Replace Text

Option 1Replace with keyboard

  1. Click Replace
    1. Fill in the text you want to replace
    2. Fill in what you want the text replaced with
    3. You can choose to replace one instance(Replace) or all instances(Replace All)



Option 2Replace with button

  1. Ctrl + H






Close a Document

Option 1Click Close

  1. Click Close button
    • Look for the Blue X  and when you have your mouse over the button it will change colours to Red X 


Option 2

  1. Ctrl + W


Correct a Spelling Error

Option 1

  1. Right Click and choose a correction


Option 2

  1. Press F7



Option 3

  1. Click Review tab
  2. Click Spelling & Grammar





Use the ThesaurusThesaurus

  1. Click Review tab
  2. Click Thesaurus





Minimize the Ribbon

Option 1

  1. Click Minimize Ribbon


Option 2

  1. Ctrl + F1

Change Program Settings

  1. Click FileClick Options
  2. Click Options Button
    • General:
      • User interface
      • Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office
      • Start up options
      • Real-time collaboration options
    • Display:
      • Page display options
      • Always show these formatting marks on the screen
      • Printing options
    • Proofing: Proofing options
      • AutoCorrect options
      • When correcting spelling in Microsoft Office programs
      • When correcting spelling and grammar in Word
    • Save:
      • Save documents
      • Offline editing options for document management server files
      • Preserve fidelity when sharing this document
    • Language: Choose Editing Languages
      • Choose Display and Help Languages
    • Advanced: Advanced option
      • Editing options
      • Cut, copy, and paste
    • Customize Ribbon:
      • Edit the Main Tabs Ribbon
    • Quick Access Toolbar:
      • Add or Remove from the Quick Access Toolbar
    • Add-Ins:
      • Add-ins
    • Trust Center:
      • Security & more
      • Microsoft Word Trust Center


Get Help

  1. Press F1
  2. Type your question in the box
  3. Press Enter




Click here for the brochure.