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Responsibilities for Computing

The College administration, staff, and students are partners in creating and maintaining student computing facilities.

Two primary committees are responsible for the purchase and deployment of academic computing resources:



The Instructional Information Technology committee is a sub-committee of the Academic Officers team and members are Directors of the College. This committee sets future directions and policies for instructional computing at Niagara College.

The Instructional Information Technology committee is a sub-committee of the Academic Officers team and members are Directors of the College. This committee sets future directions and policies for instructional computing at Niagara College.



The Student Technology Enhancement Committee membership includes Student Administrative Council members and College Directors. They determine the disposition of funds known as the Student Technologies Enhancement Fee. Most of the open access computer labs have been funded through this fee, and this fee has assisted the Learning Resource Centres in moving into the 21st century.

The Information Services Department in Niagara College is responsible for creating the infrastructure for computing at Niagara. The staff of this area design, install, and maintain the network backbone and master servers, as well as purchasing, installing, and maintaining staff stations and most of the student computer labs.


Web Site Standards

In order to ensure a consistent and high-performance Web site for Niagara College two departments have the primary responsibility for defining how the Niagara College Web site looks, and how it operates technically. Additionally, Niagara College policies that apply to other media, such as print, also apply to Web sites.

The Niagara College Marketing department is responsible for setting standards regarding the appearance of the Web site as well as providing guidelines for its content. This is consistent with other college publications. Any pages containing the logo or representing “official” college information (as determined by either a departmental/area liaison or by the Webmaster) must be approved by Marketing. This authority is acknowledged in the interest of maintaining proper and consistent corporate standards of publication and communications presentation.

The Information Technology Services department is responsible for setting standards for the hardware and software used to host and maintain the site. Any special requirements for a site that will be potentially hosted by the college must be discussed with I.T.S prior to any development. The Information Technology Services department has the authority to enforce standards by rejecting or requesting modifications to all Web pages on all College servers regardless of location or “ownership.”

Additionally, services such as domain names are considered college technology purchases and are to be ordered through the I.T.S department.


The Webmaster

The WebMaster is a support role performed by staff in Information Technology Services in cooperation with the Marketing department. This function is responsible for the continued operation of the college Web server, ultimately for application and continued development of these standards, as well as for selection and approval of tools and systems used.



Each division, department or area that wishes to be represented on the official college web server(s) by departmental pages, will have a designated contact person who is responsible for creating and updating their own pages, beginning at the division sub-heading level. Details of when and how a departmental or divisional Web site is appropriate are available from the Marketing department.

This contact may format pages as regular copy or in HTML as they volunteer and is agreed upon with the Director. Any such function that remains outdated or incomplete in an area for a significant period of time, as established by the WebMaster, may result in the departmental/area pages being removed from the server, generally at the recommendation of the Marketing department.


Staff/Student Personal Page Space

Staff members requesting personal page space are solely responsible for the contents. The college reserves the right to disable and/or remove any Web page or tools or links on college servers at the discretion of the WebMaster, normally at the request of Marketing or an academic director; advice of such action will be immediately communicated to the authors with background information on the reasons.

Information Technology Services does not maintain a Web server with space for students Web pages.


Internet Service Provider

Our Internet Service Provider is Cogent Communications. You can check their status here: Cogent Status


Antivirus Provider

Our Antivirus Provider for our Windows 7 machines is Sophos. Learn more about Sophos.


Wireless Networking

What Do I Need to Connect to the Niagara College Wireless Network?

As a bare minimum you will need the following to connect to Niagara College’s wireless network:

  • A computer with an operating system and hardware capable of supporting the wireless network device.
  • A wireless network card that supports any of the following standards:
    • 802.11b
    • 802.11g
  • A Niagara College username/password to authenticate into the Niagara College network. For more information on how to get your username and password, please click on Student Accounts or Staff/Faculty Accounts.

Niagara’s wireless network provides access to the Internet, allowing students and staff to access all internet services provided by the College including Blackboard and Email.


For information about how to connect wirelessly to the NC Secure network using various devices, continue to the Wireless Access articles.