Skype for Business Meeting

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Useful Tip: It is best to have the contacts added to skype when creating or joining a meeting.

Requesting a Meeting

  1. Log into Skype For Business and Outlook using a faculty account (ending with
    Sign in to skype
  1. Within Skype, locate the contact you wish to meet with
  2. Right click the contact and Select Schedule a Meeting
    (A new outlook window will open)
    right click and select Schedule a Meeting
  3. Click the Skype Meeting
    click the Skype Meeting Icon
  4. Fill out the Subject and Select a time
    (The location will automatically be set to Skype)
  5. Click Send

Accepting a Meeting

  1. Begin by logging into Skype for Business and Outlook
  2. Within Outlook, open the Meeting Request
    open the request
  3. Accept the Meeting Request
    Accept the request
  4. Click Join Skype Meeting
    click the Skype Meeting Icon

  5. Select the preferred option for chatting
    select your option and OK
  6. You are now connected
    you are connected