Skype for Business: How To

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Add internal contactadd a contact

  1. Use the search bar
  2. Right-click and select Add to contacts list
  3. Select a group to add them to



Add External Contactadd a contact not in my organization

  1. Click Add a Contact
  2. Click Add a Contact Not in My Organizations
  3. Click Other
  4. Type the email you want to add


Create a Groupadd a new group

  1. Click Add a Contact
  2. Click Create a New Group
  3. Type the name you want
  4. Press Enter


Move a Contact

Option 1move a contact

  • Right-click the contact
  • Click Move Contact To


Option 2

  • Click and drag the contact to the group


Quick Actions

  • Hover mouse over the contacts pictureSkype quick links
    • Chat is the speech bubble icon
    • Phone is the old-style phone icon
    • Video is the stylized video camera
    • Contact card is the miniature business card icon
    • More … is the 3 periods in a row
 skype online Available  skype purple Out of the office
 skype yellow Be Right Back  skype offline Offline
 skype yellow Away  skype unknown Unknown
 skype yellow Off Work  skype do not disturb Do Not Disturb



Presenting Options

Share Desktopshare desktop

  1. Click Present
  2. Select Present Desktop
  3. Select an option
    • All monitors
    • Primary monitor
    • Monitor 2
  4. Click Present


Share a Programshare specific program

  1. Click Present
  2. Select Present Programs
  3. Select an open program
  4. Click Present

(Only that program will be shared)



Share a PowerPoint Presentationpresent powerpoint

  • Click Present
  • Select Present PowerPoint Files
  • Find and select your presentation
  • Click Open




Share or Take (One)Notes

Option 1shared notes

  • Click Present
  • Select Shared Notes
  • Pick a OneNote page/section


Option 2

Click New Notebook


To Attach a File or Image

Option 1add attachments

  1. Click Present
  2. Select Add Attachments
  3. Find and select file to insert
  4. Click Open


Option 2

  1. Drag and drop the item


Starting Voice, Video or Chat

To Start

Option 1start a conversation

  1. Right Click the contact
  2. Select:
    • IM (instant message)
    • Call
    • Video Call
    • Send an Email


Option 2skype open a chat

  1. Double-click the contact to start a conversation




More Tips

Change Text Display Size and Fontchange font size

  1. Click More Options
  2. hover your mouse over IM Text Display Size
  3. Select preferred Size




Change Text Fontchange font type

  1. Click More Options
  2. Click Font Size …
  3. Select colour, size and font style



Remove a contact or group

Option 1right click and remove

  • Right click the contact
  • Click Remove from Group
  • or Click Remove from Contacts List



Option 2delete a contact

  1. Click on the contact
  2. Press Delete on your keyboard




Answer or decline call

  1. Click the picture that pops up in the bottom right of the desktop
  2. Click your preferred means of response
    • answer calls


Some Shortcuts



windows Icon + Shift + O Accept an incoming invite notification.
windows Icon + Esc Decline an invite notification.
windows Icon + F4 Self-mute/unmute audio.
windows Icon + F5 Turn my Camera On/Turn my Camera Off when the video is already established in the call.
Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar Put focus on the application sharing toolbar.
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + 3 Open the main window and put focus in the search box.
Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar

Take back control when sharing your screen.

Ctrl + Shift + S Stop sharing your screen.

 Delete your Conversation History

  1. Log into Skype for Business
  2. Select Conversations
  3. Right-click the conversation you want to remove
  4. Select Delete Conversation

For multiple conversations

  1. Click on the top conversation
  2. Hold down the Shift key and then click on the other ones you wish to delete
    (You can highlight multiple conversations in a row by clicking one further down the list)


Click here for the brochure.