Skype for Business: More Tips and Some Shortcuts

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More Tips

Change Text Display Size and Fontchange font size

  1. Click More Options
  2. hover your mouse over IM Text Display Size
  3. Select preferred Size


Change Text Fontchange font type

  1. Click More Options
  2. Click Font Size …
  3. Select colour, size and font style


Remove a contact or group

Option 1right click and remove

  • Right click the contact
  • Click Remove from Group
  • or Click Remove from Contacts List



Option 2delete a contact

  1. Click on the contact
  2. Press Delete on your keyboard




Answer or decline call

  1. Click the picture that pops up in the bottom right of the desktop
  2. Click your preferred means of response
    • answer calls


Some Shortcuts



windows Icon + Shift + O Accept an incoming invite notification.
windows Icon + Esc Decline an invite notification.
windows Icon + F4 Self-mute/unmute audio.
windows Icon + F5 Turn my Camera On/Turn my Camera Off when video is already established in the call.
Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar Put focus on the application sharing toolbar.
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + 3 Open the main window and put focus in the search box.
Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar

Take back control when sharing your screen.

Ctrl + Shift + S Stop sharing your screen.

Click here for the brochure.