Skype for Business: Presenting Options and Starting Voice, Video or Chat

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Presenting Options

Share Desktopshare desktop

  1. Click Present
  2. Select Present Desktop
  3. Select an option
    • All monitors
    • Primary monitor
    • Monitor 2
  4. Click Present


Share a Programshare specific program

  1. Click Present
  2. Select Present Programs
  3. Select an open program
  4. Click Present

(Only that program will be shared)


Share a PowerPoint Presentationpresent powerpoint

  • Click Present
  • Select Present PowerPoint Files
  • Find and select your presentation
  • Click Open


Share or Take (One)Notes

Option 1shared notes

  • Click Present
  • Select Shared Notes
  • Pick a OneNote page/section


Option 2

Click New Notebook


To Attach a File or Image

Option 1add attachments

  1. Click Present
  2. Select Add Attachments
  3. Find and select file to insert
  4. Click Open


Option 2

  1. Drag and drop the item


Starting Voice, Video or Chat

To Start

Option 1start a conversation

  1. Right Click the contact
  2. Select:
    • IM (instant message)
    • Call
    • Video Call
    • Send an Email


Option 2skype open a chat

  1. Double-click the contact to start a conversation


Click here for the brochure.