Splashtop Student Access Instructions

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Splashtop is available to all students and faculty if the preferred Apps Anywhere remote software tool is not an option. Some of the specific instances where Splashtop would be required are as follows

  • Students or faculty that do not have a suitable Windows computer meaning they cannot use Apps Anywhere
  • Students or faculty that needs access to Macintosh based software. Access to Macintosh computers is restricted to students in specific programs
  • Specialized courses when the software is not published through Apps Anywhere. Your instructor will have further information on how to find the required software
  • Students or faculty that are having issues with Apps Anywhere.

NOTE: if you are having issues with any Niagara College remote access tools, it is recommended that you contact the ITS Service Desk for assistance at http://its.niagaracollege.ca

Splashtop Guide

Splashtop Installation Video

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: Where do I get the Splashtop App?

A: The Splashtop Business App is available for download at: https://www.splashtop.com/downloads

Q: Where can I find more information on how to use Splashtop?

A: For additional information on Splashtop please refer to the User Guide available on this page. For information more specific to your program of study it is recommend that you speak to your instructor. If additional information is required contact the ITS Service Desk at http://its.niagaracollege.ca

Q: I’ve just connected to a College lab computer through Splashtop and there are no applications installed, where are they?

A: Even though you are using Splashtop to access a College lab computer, Apps Anywhere is still the way to access your applications. From the College computer launch the Chrome or Firefox browser to access available applications through Apps Anywhere. Apps Anywhere documentation is available here. (obviously hyperlink the page in this last sentence)

Q: Are College lab workstations available 24 hours per day?

A: College computers are available almost all the time, however a reboot of all computers is performed at 5am daily to ensure machines are available and working optimally

Q: My internet went down, and my session disconnected. Did I lose all my work?

A: Your work will not be lost until the computer is restarted. You will have 2 hours to locate and reconnect to the same workstation you were using prior to disconnect, after which the workstation will be restarted and unsaved work will be lost.

Q: How long do remote sessions last?

A: Sessions time out after 2 hours of inactivity. Your session will continue indefinitely if you remain actively working on the remote workstation. If activity stops you will be disconnected after one (2) hours, if activity does not resume

Q: I connected to a workstation and it appears to show someone else’s login screen?

A: Most likely the previous user disconnected without releasing the machine. They may have had a temporary internet issue and will reconnect later, or they forgot to restart when they were finished. You cannot utilize this workstation and should choose one that is available.