Uploading Videos

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**Note:**  Please ensure you have acquired the necessary rights to play any licensed or copyrighted material. For guidance on College practices regarding copyright please visit https://nclibraries.niagaracollege.ca/copyright



When the “Allow everyone in your company to view this video” button is checked under permissions, this will give view access to all Niagara College accounts. (Faculty, Staff and Students)

Download a copy of these instructions here: Microsoft Stream Documentation

How to Access Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream can be accessed through several different URLs:

Login Instructions

  1. Login using your assigned email account
    1. Faculty and Staff – [email protected]
    2. Students – [email protected]
  2. Select Stream

Uploading Videos to Microsoft Stream

Select Create and Upload video

Fill out the necessary details about your video


Allow everyone in your company to view this video box – When checked, anyone in the college can view this video – If you want to control access un-check this box and assign the appropriate permissions under the “Shared with” section below – Example below – only two users will have access to this video


1. People – Generates a timeline of people in your video (using tagging)

2. Comments – Disabled at the administrative level

3. Captions – Captions are auto generated

4. Subtitles – You can upload subtitles to the video if available

5. Share – You can copy the shareable URL from this tab and also customize the Embed options if you are looking to embed the video into another webpage or application

6. Publish Now – This will conclude the video uploading process and make your video available

Removing Videos

1.  Select My Content located at the top of the screen, this will bring you to a list of videos you have published or started publishing (Drafts)

2. Click the three dots located next to the video you want to delete and select Delete

Creating Channels

Note: Channels are a way to organize your content – They cannot be assigned permissions directly

Company wide channel – Anyone can add and watch these videos (Company wide channels may be created on your behalf by Niagara College Information Technology Services)

Group channel – Give access only to a specific group, like a department, team or class

Select Create and Create a channel from the top navigation bar

1. In the Create a channel dialog, give a unique Channel name and Description for your channel – Channel names are limited to 30 characters – Channel descriptions are limited to        2,000 characters

2. For Channel Access select if you want your channel to be a company wide channel (company wide channels may be created on your behalf by Niagara College Information                         Technology Services) or a Group channelIf you select Group channel enter the group you want the channel to be contained in.

 Note: You cannot change the channel type after the channel is created

Add a Custom channel image to make your channel look unique

Select Create

You can now start adding videos to your channel – You can also edit your channel’s metadata or delete the channel

Creating Groups

Select Create and Group from the top navigation bar.

1. In the Create a group dialog, give a Name and Description to your group

2. In the Access drop down select if you want a Private group or Public group to determine who has access to the content inside your group

  Public group means the group and videos/channels you add to it to be view able by everyone in your organization

  Private group means your group will be private and only the members of the group will be able to see the contents of the group

3. Look up people in the Add group members field to include people in your group You can only add individual users to groups – If you would like a member to be an owner of the             group check the box in the Owner column to upgrade their permission

4. Turn Allow all members to contribute to On or Off to determine if the members of the group should be able to contribute to the group by adding/modify videos and channels or       if they should just be viewers of the group only

Note: This setting only applies to Microsoft Stream, it does not apply to the O365 Group when used in the rest of Office 365

5. Select Create.

Additional Resources and Information

Microsoft provides documentation and training videos on the Microsoft Stream product for free on their website. See https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/stream/overview for more information on this product or contact the Niagara College ITS Service Desk.