Windows 10: Desktop and Action Center

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Glance at Open Windows

  1. Move your mouse over an iconthumbnail preview
    • a thumbnail will show you a preview




Minimize Other Windows

Option 1

  • Click the top bar of any open window and shake


Option 2

  • Click on the top bar of the application  + Home


Option 3

  • Click in the bottom right of your windowclick bottom right corner






Compare Windows Side by Side

Option 1

  1. Click the Windows icon +  the left or right arrowcompare windows
  2. Select an open application that you want to compare



Option 2

  • Click the other App


Maximize an Open Window

Option 1

  • Click the Windows Icon +  the up arrow


Option 2

  • Double click top bar


Switch between Apps

Option 1switch between apps

  1. Alt + Tab
  2. Press Tab until desired application is highlighted
  3. Release the keys


Option 2

  1. Windows key + Tab
  2. Click the application


Access Settings

  1. Click Startaccess settings
  2. Click Settings





Pin a Program to the Taskbar

  1. Right-click the application Pin to task bar
  2. Select Pin to Taskbar




Action Center

Display Notifications

To get to Notifications:view notifications

  1. Click Type here to search
  2. Type in Notifications
  3. Select Notifications & action settings
    • scroll through the options


With a personal computer:

  • Click Notifications on the right

Available actions include:

  • All Settings: Open Settingsview more options for notifications
  • Airplane Mode: Turn off all radios
  • Battery Saver: Settings to save battery
  • Bluetooth: Turn on/off
  • Brightness: Screen brightness
  • Connect: Connects wireless devices
  • Location: Services on/off
  • Note: Open a new note
  • Quiet Hours: Do not Disturb Mode
  • Rotation Lock: Lock for tablet mode
  • Tablet mode: Act like Windows 8
  • VPN: VPN settings
  • Wi-Fi: Turn Wi-Fi on/off