Windows 10: How to

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Expanding on the Printable Brochure

Click here for the brochure.



Start Menu

Open the Start Menu

Option 1Click Start

  1. Press Start button in the bottom right corner of your monitor


Option 2

  1. Press the Windows Icon on your keyboard


Resize App Tile on the Start Menu

  1. Click Start icon sizing
  2. Right click the Tile
  3. Click Resize
  4. Choose size preference
    • Small icon
    • Medium icon


  • Calander Icons have special sizing available mail icon sizing
    • Wide Calander Icon
      • Used to see a bit of the day’s activity
    • Large Calander Icon
      • Used to see more about the day


Rearrange Tiles

  • Click and drag tile to preferred spotmove a tile





Remove a Tile from the Start Menu

  1. Right-click the tileDelete a tile
  2. Select Unpin from Start





Add a Tile to the Start Menu

  1. Right-click the application in the start menupin to start
  2. Click Pin to Start




Stop Updating on Apps Live Tile

  1. Right-click the live Tileturn off live tiles
  2. Click More
  3. Click Turn live tile off



Search for Files or Apps

  1. Click Type here to Search (Cortana) Search for files
  2. Type the File or Applications Name





Rename Live Tile Groups

  1. Click the Name you want to change change group name
  2. Adjust the text





Lock your Computer

Option 1lock screen

  • Click Start
  • click Account
  • Click Lock


Option 2

  1. Ctrl + L


Sign Out of Windows

  1. Click StartSign out
  2. Click Account
  3. Click Sign Out



Switch Users

  1. Click StartSwitch Accounts
  2. Click Account
  3. Click Switch User




Change Account Settings

  1. Click Startchange account settings
  2. click Account
  3. Click Change Account Settings





Open an App

Option 1

  • Click on the Tileclick a live tile




Option 2

  • Click on the Application in the main listscroll for applications
    • You can scroll to view more applications




Option 3

  • Search the Type here to search(Cortana)Search cortana





Jump to Different Apps

  1. Click Startclick on the letters
  2. Click on the top Letter
    • (#, A, B, C etc.)
  3. Select a letter
    • The letters available will be white
    • not available letters are greyed out


Search for an App

  1. Click Type here to search (Cortana)Search for an application
  2. Type the application’s name




View All Installed Apps

  1. Click Startscroll for applications
  2. Scroll down through the options




Close an App

Option 1close icon

  • Click Close


Option 2

  • Alt + F4


Jump to an Open App

Option 1

  • Click Task ViewClick task view
  • Click the desired task





Option 2

  1. Start Icon + TabStart + Tab
  2. Use the arrow keys to highlight the desired task
  3. Press Enter 




Uninstall an App

1. Click Start

2. Click Settings

windows then settings
3. Click System click System
4. Click Apps & Features click apps and features
5. Select the Application

6. Click Uninstall

click on application then uninstall


Settings and personalization

Personalize your PC

  1. Click Startpersonalization
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Personalization




Change Background

  • Unavailable with school-issued computerschange background with options
  1. Click Start
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Personalization
  4. Click Background
    • You can change the background and how it fits


Change Colors

  1. Click Startcolour options
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Personalization
  4. Click Colors
    • Scroll for more options


Change Lock Screen

  1. Click Startlock screen options
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Personalization
  4. Click Lock Screen
    • Scroll for more options


Change Start

  1. Click StartStart screen options
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Personalization
  4. Click Start
    • Show/hide tiles, choose Folders to show


Change Themes

  1. Click Starttheme options
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Personalization
  4. Click Themes
    • Change and update settings




Glance at Open Windows

  1. Move your mouse over an iconthumbnail preview
    • a thumbnail will show you a preview




Minimize Other Windows

Option 1

  • Click the top bar of any open window and shake


Option 2

  • Click on the top bar of the application  + Home


Option 3

  • Click in the bottom right of your windowclick bottom right corner





Compare Windows Side by Side

Option 1

  1. Click the Windows icon +  the left or right arrowcompare windows
  2. Select an open application that you want to compare


Option 2

  • Click the other App


Maximize an Open Window

Option 1

  • Click the Windows Icon +  the up arrow


Option 2

  • Double click top bar


Switch between Apps

Option 1switch between apps

  1. Alt + Tab
  2. Press Tab until desired application is highlighted
  3. Release the keys


Option 2

  1. Windows key + Tab
  2. Click the application


Access Settings

  1. Click Startaccess settings
  2. Click Settings




Pin a Program to the Taskbar

  1. Right-click the application Pin to task bar
  2. Select Pin to Taskbar





Action Center

Display Notifications

To get to Notifications:

  1. Click Type here to searchview notifications
  2. Type in Notifications
  3. Select Notifications & action settings
    • scroll through the options



With a personal computer:

  • Click Notifications on the right


Available actions include:

  • All Settings: Open Settingsview more options for notifications
  • Airplane Mode: Turn off all radios
  • Battery Saver: Settings to save battery
  • Bluetooth: Turn on/off
  • Brightness: Screen brightness
  • Connect: Connects wireless devices
  • Location: Services on/off
  • Note: Open a new note
  • Quiet Hours: Do not Disturb Mode
  • Rotation Lock: Lock for tablet mode
  • Tablet mode: Act like Windows 8
  • VPN: VPN settings
  • Wi-Fi: Turn Wi-Fi on/off




  • Allows you to search for apps, files and folderscortana info
  • Can search with voice
  • Click Type here to search to activate
  • Only what is relevant will appear





Keyboard Shortcuts

Keys Task
 windows Icon Start Menu
Ctrl + C Copy a Folder/File
Ctrl + X Cut a Folder/File
Ctrl + V Paste a Folder/File
windows Icon + C Use Cortana Speech
windows Icon + S Cortana Text
windows Icon + A Actions Center
windows Icon + Tab Task View
Alt + F4 Close App
windows Icon + L Lock the screen
Ctrl + P Print
windows Icon + E File Explorer
windows Icon + R Run dialog box
windows Icon + I Settings
windows Icon + K Devices Pane
windows Icon  + H Sharing Pane
windows Icon + P Display Options screens
windows Icon + X Quick Link menu
windows Icon + D Show the Desktop
windows Icon +  the up or down arrow Up arrow to Maximize the window

Down arrow to Minimize the window

windows Icon + M Minimize all windows
windows Icon +  or Snap app to left / right
windows Icon + Ctrl + D New Desktop
windows Icon +Ctrl + F4 Close Current Desktop
windows Icon +Ctrl + the left or right arrows Switch Desktops


Click here for the brochure.