Windows 10: Microsoft Quick Start, Desktop at Work

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Flatten the learning curveFlatten the learning Curve

The Startwindows Icon button

In the lower-left corner, it puts what you need at your fingertips.

Browse every app
Find files

Personalize settings

Make the defaults even better. Monitors, networks, printers, and more.

Turn the PC off

Use an app all the time? Pin it

Press and hold (or right-click) an app, then select Pin to Start.

Group apps

Drag apps into groups, press and hold (or right-click) to resize, and select the title space to give the group a new or better name.


Meet new friends and reconnect with old ones on the taskbar. Let’s start with the left side.

Flatten the learning Curve 2

Start button

On the far left, right where you expect it. It’s how to get to all your apps, settings, and frequently used files.

Search for everything

Find anything on your PC, in the cloud, or on the web by entering your search here.

Stop printing

If you’ve been printing webpages to mark them up with a pen, check out the Microsoft Edge browser. Editing web text has never been simpler (or better for the environment).

Expand your desktop real estate

Create virtual desktops to group apps and quickly switch between them. Keep your work and personal stuff separate.

Apps for your org

Get new apps from your organization’s page in the Windows Store. Or browse apps on your own to do more, be more creative, or have fun on a break.


And here’s the far right side…

heres the far right

One-click access to the important stuff

The all-new action center is where a single click can project your screen, connect to a device or VPN, switch to tablet mode, read your mail, and more.

What time is it?

What day is it? Restyled clock and calendar where you expect to find them, keeping you on time and organized.

Another place to pin your apps

If you want even quicker access to frequently used apps than the Start menu, use the free space to pin them on the taskbar.

A little-known time-saver

Click or tap this area at the far right of the taskbar to minimize all the open apps at once.


Action centerAction Center

Check your mail

Scan your recent messages and reply right from here instead of opening your mail app.

One-click connections

Connect to a Bluetooth radio, Miracast TV, or WiGig dock.

One-tap switch to tablet mode
Project to a screen with a tap or click

Clear everything at once

Old news? Clean house with a single tap or click.

See if your PC needs attention
Open OneNote on the double
Get to all the settings
Connect to your network


Settings up closeSettings up Close

Need to tweak the defaults? Not a problem. Use the Settings app to get to what matters to you, including the settings still in Control Panel.

The best place to find an app’s settings is in the app itself. Look for this icon:

When you’re not sure…

But you’ll know it when you see it, browse categories for what you want.

Faster results using search

If you know a key word or phrase, use search to get the right result quicker than browsing.


See more of your work at onceSee more of your work at once

Grab the top of a window and drag to a corner or side

Do it again with another app. Snap as many as four at one time.

Tap or click Task view button to switch apps


Get organizedGet organized

Create virtual desktops to group apps together by project, type, or whim. Keep your work apps in one desktop and your personal apps in another, making it easy to switch between them.

To move apps between virtual desktops, select Task view and drag an app from one desktop to another.

 Start here…

Select Task View.

…and then this

Add as many desktops as you need. You’ll see them listed when you use the Task View


Cortana goes to workCortana goes to work

Cortana helps you find things on your PC, manages your calendar, tracks packages, and can tell you a joke on a rough Monday. The more you use Cortana, the more personalized your experience will be.


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