Windows 10: Microsoft Quick Start, Maps App

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Quick Start: Maps App

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Get orientedGet Oriented

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See your search history and favorite places on all your devices.

See 3D maps

Get directions

Enter a location

We’ll pinpoint it and offer a list of places to go and things to see.

 Share or print maps

Do both from the See more menu.

Rotate the map

Change the perspective

Pick the type of map

Zoom in or out

Scenic hike or interstate?

Get directions for wherever you want to go, no matter how you want to get there. Let’s drive to Moab!

  1. Select Directionshike or interstate 1
  2. Choose your mode
  • Car, bus, walk?
  1. Enter a destination



  1. Explore different routeshike or interstate 3
  • Select a route for details.




  1. Make your choicehike or interstate 2

Maps will guide you every step of the way.



The roads are clear

Real-time traffic info is a click away.

Select Maps view …The roads are clear 1








…and then turn Traffic on.The roads are clear 2








See for yourself

Know where you’re going before you even get there.

…turn on Streetside.See for yourself 1

…and select a street on the map.

What’s it look like?

Select Maps view  …





No more guessworkSee for yourself 2

Streetside shows you a 360-degree view. Drag to pan, and see which direction you’re looking with the map below.

Map controls make it interesting

Use controls, such as Tilt, to change your perspective.



See the world from wherever you aresee the world from wherever you are 1

Explore different locations in three dimensions without having to get on a plane.

3D cities takes you there

Select 3D Cities…

…and then select a place.

Map controls make it interesting

Use controls, such as Tilt, to change your perspective.


Follow your own pathFollow your own path 1

Draw or take notes on your maps.

Mark where the treasure is buried

Then share the map with your friends… or don’t….



Draw your own routeFollow your own path 2

In a park with no mapped roads, draw your own and we’ll show you the distance you’ll travel.




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