Windows 10: Microsoft Quick Start, Photos App

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Get orientedLess magic but more control 2

The Collection organizes photos by date
Refresh to see the latest
Select photos

The app creates albums

Your best shots from around the same time or place. You can add, remove, or make your own albums.

Import new photos
Add file locations to see more photos
Change your settings


Organize the collection and albumsOrganize the collection and albums

The checkboxes (or Selectbutton) make it easy to share, move, copy, and delete photos.

 First, select the photos

Choose to share them

Use your favorite mail, messaging, or other app.

Copy them
Add them to an album

Or get rid of ‘em

Life’s too short for bad pics.


Sign in, see more

Sign in with your Microsoft account and you’ll see photos from all your synced devices and OneDrive.Sign in, see more 1

If you see your name…

you’ll know you’re signed in.


Want to choose locations?Sign in, see more 2

Select Folders and then this link.

Or, select Settings in the lower-left corner.


Magic! Painless editing

Use Enhance to make your pics pop. It tweaks color, contrast, brightness; fixes red eyes; and even straightens a slanted horizon.

 Select this…      …to subtly fix this
 Magic painless editing 1  Magic painless editing 2

Less magic, but more control

Filters, contrast, and colors—oh my!Less magic but more control 1

  1. Select a photo and then select Edit
  2. Select the thing you want to change over hereLess magic but more control 2
  3. Make the actual change over here
  • Most changes require a single tap or click, but you might need to drag the white dot to make the change.
  1. Dare to compare

Make a change and then press-and-hold the Compare button to see the before, and let go to see the after.



Keep it moving

Cut to the chase—or any other part of your video.Keep it Moving 1

Select the Trim button

Move the white dot on the leftKeep it Moving 2

It’s where the video will start.

Move the white dot on the right

This is where the video ends.

The blue dot indicates where the video will start when you press Play


Capture itCapture it 1

Grab the perfect moment from a video and save it as a photo.

Pause the video and press-and-hold or right-click

Select Save photos from Video.


Go forward or back one frame at a timeCapture it 2
Move the blue dot to where you want a pic from


Slow it downSlow it down 1

Increase the drama by highlighting the best moment in slo-mo.

  1. Select More
  2. And then Create slow motion video
  3. Pick a speed for the slo-mo effect
  4. Move the blue dots to change the duration of the slo-mo effect
  • If you choose the slowest speed, you’ll have just one blue dot to move.
  1. Move the white dots to trim the video

Slow it down 2







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