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Printing with Ricoh for Students

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What is Ricoh Store Front [RSF]?

Ricoh Store Front (RSF) is a website offered by Ricoh Management Services (RMS) that allows customers to order print products online 24/7 from within the college or outside the college.  RSF offers a quick and easy print ordering experience similar to other online retail stores that you may be familiar with.”

Visit the Ricoh Storefront for students.

Ricoh Management Services [RMS] 2015



How to Access RSF

Getting started with Ricoh

How to register your Ricoh Account

How to place an order for Non Copyrighted Material

How to check the status and history of my orders.

How to update your profile information

Getting Help


How to Access RSF

Accessing the RSF

You can access the site from a web browser (such as MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Google Chrome).

Click here to visit the site


Logging into RSF

  1. Connect to the Internet by starting your web browser.
  2. Enter the web address (URL) for the site in the address field at the top of the browser window. The address is: 
  3. Under Login enter your User Name and Password.

student, ricoh 1-3



You must register with RSF prior to logging in. Click here for instructions on creating an account.


Getting started with Ricoh

Register on the RSF system

You will need to create an account BEFORE you can submit jobs to be printed by Ricoh.  This whole process takes approximately one minute.  Start by clicking on the REGISTER link below the user name and password.

Start by clicking on the REGISTER link below the user name and password



Your account user name and password should be something that you use commonly and can be the same as your Blackboard user name and password.  The Ricoh Print centers do not have the ability to reset passwords.  In the case where you cannot remember your password, follow the password recovery options provided on the webpage.


Your information should match your registration information with Niagara College.How to register your Ricoh Account

Complete the form

Complete the form by filling in all the “Yellow” shaded boxes.  To remain secure do not share your login and password with any other persons.  Your information should match your registration information with Niagara College.




Make sure that you check the box to accept the User Agreement and then click CONTINUE to begin placing your orders.  The postal code MUST be entered in proper format ie: A1B 2C3.  Please right down your security question answers.  Keep it simple and easy to remember.


Click BeginHow to place an order for Non Copyrighted Material

Placing an order for Non Copyrighted material


There are 7 main steps in order to place an order:

  1. When you login, scroll to the BOTTOM of the page and click BEGIN. **You can select your campus from this screen by clicking on the ‘CHANGE’ button.


  1. fill in the name and quantityAdd files – you can upload files to the site or you can provide offline materials such as a hard copy or a CD/USB. You will physically have to drop off the hardcopy to the print center. Fill in the quantity (number of copies required) **We recommend using STUDENT as the job name.** 


We recommend that you save all digital files in PDF format BEFORE you submit them online. 

Failure to do so will not guarantee the correct format or layout of your document!


uploaded document, click next** When you see your document listed in the window – click the ‘NEXT’ button at the bottom to continue with your order.


    1. OptionsThe next step in the process is to select the paper and finishing options that you would like. This can include different colour of paper, stapling, hole-punching, printing in colour, etc.  The price will update automatically.







    1. Preview, click nextYour uploaded file will be displayed in the gray box onscreen. If you are submitting a hard copy you must drop it off to the print center before the job can be performed.  Scroll to the bottom to APPROVE the print job and click ‘ADD TO CART’.







      1. Shopping cart reviewThis is your shopping cart view – you can now select the due date and time by clicking on the ‘CALENDER’ button. **When adding more than one digital file you MUST click the ‘CONTINUE SHOPPING’ button to add these files.**   When you are finished you can click the ‘CHECKOUT’ button to proceed.






Shopping cart review2









      1. The next step is known as the review process. After you check out, you must click ‘NEXT’ to confirm that you are sending the job to the Ricoh print center at your campus.

Review process

**You MUST click the ‘PLACE MY ORDER’ button to confirm submission to the print center.  The pricing will also be displayed here as a total including taxes.**

Review process 2

      1. The final step is the order confirmation screen. You can simply logout or continue shopping to submit additional jobs.  **Your order history will be saved for one year in the system.  You can view your order history from “my account” for quick re-ordering of past job submissions.**

Print, continue, logout

How to check the status and history of my orders

Checking the status and history of my orders

Click ‘Order Status’ on the navigation bar to access the My Order History page.  From this screen you have the option of REORDERING any previous job that you have submitted up to one year earlier.  If you see a job marked as “shipped” it is ready to be picked up from the copy center.

Order status



How to update your profile information

Updating your profile information


My accountClick My Account on the navigation bar to access the profile page.


  1. Next to Security Question, click Change. Select a new security question from the drop down list and type in the answer. Click Save. The security question is used to recover your password in case you forget.
  2. Next to Password, click Change. Type in the current password, a new password, confirm new password and click Save Changes.
  3. Click Edit at the bottom of the page. Make your changes and click Save.



Getting Help

Getting help

Click ‘CONTACT US’ on the navigation bar to access the Customer Support page.

contact us


Click here for the Niagara College Ricoh Store Front [RSF] STUDENT USER GUIDE

Click here for the Niagara College Ricoh Store Front [RSF] FACULTY USER GUIDE


Niagara College

Welland Campus

100 Niagara College Boulevard

Welland, ON L3C 7L3



Niagara College

NOTL Campus

135 Taylor Road

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0




Between L24 and the Parking Office

(end of the hall)



Across from the Armory pub




Tel: 905-735-2211 ext. 7416

Email: [email protected]


Tel: 905-641-2252 ext. 4057

Email: [email protected]


Hours of Operation

Sun: Closed

Mon-Fri: 8:00 AM-4:30 PM

Sat: Closed



Contact a System Administrator Contact your Print Shop

For questions about an order, please contact your print shop at:

AIIM Customer Support
205 Industrial Parkway N.
Unit 1
Aurora, ON L4G 4C4
[email protected]


If you are encountering problems with the web site, please contact the site administrator at:

Ricoh StoreFront (RSF) Helpdesk
199 Bay Street
Level B2, #S230
Toronto, ON M5L 1A1
[email protected]