Remote Access to Labs & Software

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Remote Access to Labs & Software

In preparation for the fall term, Niagara College has been working on solutions to enable off campus access to software and computers that students will need as part of their studies. Access to these systems is being made available over the next two days. Please review the specific information below, and on the application support pages for setup information.

Apps Anywhere – is the preferred option for accessing software allowing students to download required software directly to their computer. Apps Anywhere is available for Windows 10 based computers and for those students with Macintosh, IOS or Android devices you will still be able to access College systems using Apps Anywhere however you will do so in conjunction with a secondary piece of software called Splashtop described below.

Apps Anywhere Instructions

Virtual Private Network (VPN) – is required to run certain applications available through Apps Anywhere. While this service is available to all students, it is not required for most. Please review the detail information under the access instructions to determine if it is required for the software you will be using.

Student VPN Access Instructions

Splashtop – is a remote access solution allowing students to connect directly to on campus Niagara College lab computers to access software require for your area of study. Splashtop requires a reliable internet connection to work properly but is compatible with almost all devices including Windows, Macintosh desktop and laptop computers, as well as Chromebooks, IOS and Android tablets. After connecting to a College lab computer through Splashtop students will in most cases use Apps Anywhere from the for their software needs. Specialized lab computers are also available to students in specific programs that require them. These programs, typically using high end or proprietary software such as Gaming, Graphic Design, Broadcasting, Dental, and others will see these specialized lab computers when they log into Splashtop.

Splashtop Instructions