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Printing with Ricoh for Faculty

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“What is Ricoh Store Front [RSF]?

Ricoh Store Front (RSF) is a website offered by Ricoh Management Services (RMS) that allows customers to order print products online 24/7 from within the college or outside the college.  RSF offers a quick and easy print ordering experience similar to other online retail stores that you may be familiar with.”

Visit the Ricoh Storefront for faculty.

Table of Contents

How to access the RSF storefront

How to update your profile

How to place an order for Non-Copyright Material

How to place an order for Copyrighted Material

How to reorder previous jobs

How to contact support


How to access the RSF storefront

Accessing the RSF

You can access the site from a web browser (such as MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Google Chrome).


Logging into RSF1. connect to the internet

    1. Connect to the Internet by starting your web browser.
    2. Enter the web address (URL) for the site in the address field at the top of the browser window. The address is:
    3. UnderLogin enter your Username and Password2, 3 web and login







Your account will be already registered with RSF and user name and initial password will be provided by Ricoh Document Management (RDM).


Home Screen

You can access your password change from this screen by clicking on the ‘My Account’ link (see photo).  Your ‘Home’ bar will remain with you as you navigate through the website so that you can return to the ‘Home’ screen at any time that you need to.


Change Button

If you work at both Niagara College Campus locations you can choose where your print job can be sent.  You simply have to click the ‘Change’ button and pick your location.  This will tell Ricoh where we need to print the job for you to pick up.  Hours of operation are the same at each location.change button

change button 2

Select the Campus for print and click ‘OK’ to change your selection.  Keep in mind that the Campus you select will remain this way until you change it in the future.  If you work at both Campus please ensure that you are placing the job with the proper Campus for pick up.


**Delays will occur if the incorrect Campus is selected.**


How to update your profile

Updating your information

To update your information simply click the ‘My Account’ button.  Your current information will be displayed for you to verify.  From this screen you can also change your password.  It is important to verify that you are assigned to the proper department code.  If you are not, simply contact the Ricoh Site Manager and the correction can be made quickly.  The ‘Edit’ button at the bottom right of the screen will allow you to make all the changes to your profile.  To complete the changes, click the ‘Save’ button to return to the profile screen after updating.

updating your information

updating your information2


Changing your Password

The very first time that you login in to the Ricoh Store Front you are issued a temporary password.  You will receive this password via email from Ricoh.  When you login it will immediately expire and ask you to change your password.  Once you have completed this step you will be ready to begin placing orders in the RSF system.


Password Recovery

Ricoh does provide an online password recovery option.  If you have difficulty, find yourself locked out and unable to access the RSF system, please stop by to speak with the Ricoh On Site Staff to assist you in gaining access to your account.


*** If you are unable to log into the RSF system, your password may have expired.


To reset your password; CLICK Forget Password.

You will be prompted to enter your USERNAME, (enter your 1st initial and last name)

Click SUBMIT;  Then you will be asked “Which high school did you graduate from?”

ANSWER is “NC” and click SUBMIT”.



You will receive a temporary password to your email address and you will have the option of changing it when you log in again.  You just have to click “SAVE” to save the changes.


How to place an order for Non Copyrighted Material

How to place an Order in RSF

When you login to your account in RSF you will be at the home screen.  To place an order you have two options,  ‘Copying for Classroom’ or ‘Copying for Administrative Purposes’.  The ‘Copying for Classroom’ is your general every-day type of classroom handout, quizzes, exams, etc.

The ‘Copying for Administrative Purposes’ would be for distribution to the professors & faculty staff.  We offer memo paper and letterhead as options for this type of printing.  The different paper choices are shown in the finishing screen.


How to place an Order in RSF

There are three options under ‘Copying for Class’.  Select which link best suits the type of printing that you wish to do.  Once you select your printing you will be sent to the non copyright submission screen to ADD your files.  When you ADD files, you will have two options, one is to directly upload your PDF file and the other option is to select ’Offline” materials, which is for hard copies that you will bring to the print centre.  Chose ’type’ filename pages—(if originals are double-sided you must count each side as one page) count each side of the sheet with writing as 1 page, then ’ADD’ and proceed as normal.

How to place an order2


How to place an Order in RSF

Once your document is uploaded you now will have to give your job a name, select the quantity for printing, verify your PDF file uploaded and then you can click ‘Next’ to proceed to the finishing screen.  Only upload 1 file at a time.  If there is more than one file, add them separately.  **It is always best if you save your submission in PDF format then upload it for printing.  This will help to avoid any formatting errors if the document has to be converted to PDF.**

How to place an order3


How  to place an order in RSF

This is your ‘finishing’ screen.  This is where you will select how you want the finished product to look.  If you want colour or black & white printing, single sided or double sided printing, portrait or landscape, hole punching, stapling, binding, and more.  **This screen also gives you the option to have input with the special instructions box at the bottom.  You can type special instructions for the job here.**  If you would like your job sent to another campus via interoffice mail you must include the room number and location (i.e.—WC— S110).  If you do not need collating you must specify this in the special instructions.  If you have multiple jobs with different colour paper, continue shopping and add them separately.

How to place an order4


How to place an order in RSF

Once you have completed your finishing selections and click ‘Next’ at the bottom of the page you will be brought to the Review Screen.  From this screen you want to ensure that your print job has a name, the quantity is correct and your finishing options are correct.  Before you can proceed to the checkout screen you MUST approve this print job by checking the box next to ‘I Approve’ at the bottom.  Once you do this you can ‘Add to Cart’.

How to place an order5How to place an order6


How to place an order in RSF

When you have completed adding your order to your shopping cart your job is viewed inside of your cart.  This is where all of the important information for check out is located.  From this screen you can see the due date, the print shop location, the print shop hours of operation, as well as the option to continue shopping or checkout.  IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE DOCUMENT TO UPLOAD SELECT “CONTINUE SHOPPING”.  Once all documents are uploaded you can click “CHECKOUT”You have the opportunity to choose a due date & time at this point.  Please keep in mind that the default is always 24 BUSINESS HOURS.  **If you submit a job on Friday, Saturday or Sunday it will not be ready for pick up until Tuesday at 08:00 AM EST**FOR LARGE MANUALS AND NCRS PLEASE ALLOW FOR 5 WORKING DAYS FOR BINDING OF THESE JOBS.

How to place an order7

How to place an order8


 How to place an order in RSF

Once you click ‘Checkout’ you move to the review screen.  At this point you will be asked to enter your Account, Department, Program & Project codes.  This information can be obtained from your department head.  For billing purposes this information in all four boxes should be filled in.  If you are not sure what your Program & Project codes are you MUST contact your department Admin for this information.  Click ‘Next’ to proceed to the final step.

How to place an order9


How to place an order in RSF

On this screen you are given all of the information for the print job.  You can now submit using the ‘Place My Order” button.

How to place an order10


How to place an order in RSF

This is your order confirmation screen.  From here you can continue to shop to add additional jobs, access your account, print the confirmation of the order or logout.

How to place an order11


How to place an order for Copyrighted Material

How to place an order in RSF

The process is similar to the non-copyright material submission.  If the material you are printing requires copyright clearance there is a form that must be completed by you and approved through the library.  All of this can be done right from the RSF system.

How to place an order12


How to place an order in RSF

The process is similar to the non-copyright material submission.  If the material you are printing requires copyright clearance there is a form that must be completed by you and approved through the library.  All of this can be done right from the RSF system.

How to place an order13


How to place an order in RSF

The next step in the process is to complete the Permission form as required.  Once this form is filled out you can click ‘Update Preview’ to save the information.  The form is now complete and ready for submission.  **This form will be sent through the system to the Library for approval.**

How to place an order14


How to place an order inRSF

The Copyright Permission Form must be added to your cart.  Click ’Add to Cart’ to add the form to your shopping cart.  The next step will be to add the materials that you wish to have printed.   “CONTINUE SHOPPING” to add more documents to be printed.

How to place an order15


How to place an order in RSF

To submit the material to be printed with the Permission Form please refer to the previous chapter on how to create a print job in the RSF system.  These steps are the same.  When you checkout through the Copyright Submission process there are some slight differences in the ’Shopping Cart’ screen that you will notice.


**Your job really does not cost $9,000.00 as this is simply to draw attention to copyright permission being requested so that the print center does not proceed until the permission is granted.**


**Please proceed to the “Continue Shopping” to add your job for approval.**


How to reorder previous job submissions

How to reorder a previous job in RSF

RSF keeps a history of all your job submissions.  If find yourself printing the same material from term to term RSF has a shortcut that will be a time saver for you.  In your order history screen there is a ‘Reorder’ button that appears below each job.  This will allow you to resubmit the job as it was previously so that you do not have to go through the upload and finishing steps again.  This is designed to offer you a speedy way to reorder the same material as you have printed in the past.

How to place an order16

How to contact support

Getting Help

From any page you can look to the top right hand corner and find the ‘Contact Us’ link.  Simply click on this link located in the navigation bar to access the customer support page.  You can also visit either print center location to seek additional assistance.


In the case of password issues please contact the Ricoh Site Manager directly for assistance.  We are here to help and make your experience easier and more user friendly.

How to place an order17



Click here for the Niagara College Ricoh Store Front [RSF] STUDENT USER GUIDE

Click here for the Niagara College Ricoh Store Front [RSF] FACULTY USER GUIDE


Niagara College

Welland Campus

100 Niagara College Boulevard

Welland, ON L3C 7L3



Niagara College

NOTL Campus

135 Taylor Road

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0




Between L24 and the Parking Office

(end of the hall)



Across from the Armory pub




Tel: 905-735-2211 ext. 7461

Email: [email protected]


Tel: 905-641-2252 ext. 4057

Email: [email protected]


Hours of Operation

Sun: Closed

Mon-Fri: 8:00 AM-4:30 PM

Sat: Closed



Contact a System Administrator Contact your Print Shop

For questions about an order, please contact your print shop at:

AIIM Customer Support
205 Industrial Parkway N.
Unit 1
Aurora, ON L4G 4C4
[email protected]


If you are encountering problems with the web site, please contact the site administrator at:

Ricoh StoreFront (RSF) Helpdesk
199 Bay Street
Level B2, #S230
Toronto, ON M5L 1A1
[email protected]