Video Streaming FAQ

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  1. Will my old files be on the new server?
    • Yes, all files will be moved over by ITS.


  1. Will I need to change the URL for my videos now that we have a new Video Streaming service?
    • Initially, No – The ITS department will redirect older style videos so you will not have to modify anything currently published.
    • For any new videos and for converting existing videos for publishing, the URL has changed and will need to be recreated prior to publishing videos. Please connect to the new Video Streaming service here to create or recreate your URLs.


  1. Who owns the videos we have on the Video Streaming service?
    • The media is considered proprietary, owned by Niagara College.


  1. How do I know it is OK to publish my video?


  1. How do I convert my videos to MP4 or FLV file formats?