E103 Esthetics NC Teaching Spa

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About the Room

  • Two Televisions
  • One video camera
  • Can record videos to USB

room layout

To start your presentation

Press Start

This will turn on both TVs and start the camera

start menu


The controls for your touchscreen

PC Menu

This will display your PC.

PC setup



Will display the device that is hooked up via HDMI

HDMI setup


You can use this to show demonstrations; the controls allow you to adjust the Zoom and Pan/Tilt


camera control

Record Menu

record menu


record menu part 2



Help screen


Power Down

Select Power down to shut down both TVs and the camera.

power off


Recording a Video

  1. Plug a USB device into the main console
    main unit
  2. Press the Record Menu button
    record menu
  3. Press the Pencil icon for Title
    A keyboard will appear
    Type in the name you desire for the videos title and press Enter
  4. Press the Pencil icon for Creator
    A keyboard will appear
    Type in the name you desire for the videos creator and press Enter
  5. Press the Record to start recording your presentation
    control buttons
  6. When you are done recording press the Stop button and remove the USB
  7. You will be able to access the file through any video playing application

Click here for the PDF.