E101 Yerich Auditorium

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About the room

  • There are three small whiteboards throughout the room
  • There is one large long board across the entire front of the room
  • There are outlets on the podium to plug in your devices
  • Students have access to personal outlets at their desks
  • There is one main mic, and a personal mic can be borrowed from the library
    (bring your staff card)
  • There are three projectors
    (two small ones flanking a large main one)
  • There are three TVs which only you can view
  • There are twelve speakers evenly spaced through the room
  • Motion sensors for lighting
  • There are two ceiling mounted video cameras available for use in the room

yerich view

To start your presentation

Press Start on your touchscreen

start menu


Select your display options for the projectors and monitors

Press (tap) on the display repeatedly to toggle through the options

projector selection

  • Camera (Left)
  • Camera (Right)
  • Left Projector
  • Center Projector
  • Right Projector
  • Left/Right Monitor
  • Center Monitor
  • Doc Camera





(example below)

projector examples

Once you have the displays set it will change screens to the Displays Menu


The controls for the touchscreen

Displays Menu

Displays menu


Audio Menu

audio menu


Lighting Menu

lighting menu
High, Medium, Low – Lights adjust accordingly

Projectors – Dims the light for optimal projection

Whiteboards – Dims the lights at the back and brightens the ones closest to the big whiteboard at the front

Off – Turns off the lights after a slight delay



help screen

Power Down

Select Power Down to shut off all the devices

power off


Click here for the PDF.