Photocopying on Campus

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This article contains information regarding on campus photocopying procedures.

Tutorial Documents:




Student Photocopying

Photocopiers are available for student use at various areas throughout the Welland and Niagara-on-the-Lake campuses.

Welland – Library and the Learning Commons, Upper floor of Applied Health Institute

Niagara-on-the-Lake – Library and the hallway outside the Library

The cost is 8 cents per copy for Black and White.

Staff Photocopying – How to Order Supplies

Staff have use of Xerox photocopiers in their work areas.

Most of the Xerox have the ability to copy, print and scan.

If you need paper or toner: See your Staff/Departmental Assistant or the person in your department who normally orders your office supplies.

If you need repairs you must contact the IT Service Desk at ext 7642.

You can contact the IT Service desk to contact Xerox on your behalf.  We will need the Serial number of the photocopier, any error messages and what you have done to try to correct the issue. We will also need the location of the photocopier (Campus, Building, Room Number), your name and phone number.


The contact number for Xerox 3655 and 6655 models Supplies: 1-866-487-4239

The contact number for Xerox 5900 and 7830 models Supplies: 1-855-381-1645

The contact number for Service: 1-800-275-9376

Please have the Serial number of the photocopier ready.

Locating the Serial Number

When ordering supplies or contacting Xerox for assistance, you will be asked to provide your printer
serial number. The serial number is located on the printer frame. Open the front cover of the
printer. The serial number is located on the left-hand side of the cover and also on the fuser assembly on the frame.


The serial number can also be found using the printer’s control panel.

  1. On the printer’s control panel, press Machine Status.
  2. The Machine Information tab displays by default. The serial number is displayed on the left side of the touch screen.


How to input your access code

Here is the procedure to enter your Access Code so you can copy on the Xerox copier in your department:

  1. Press Button for Services or Services Home
  2. Enter your access code on the keypad
  3. Press Enter on the LCD screen
  4. You can now proceed with your job


User Guides for Xerox 57XX and 74XX Models


Lines or Streaks On My Photocopy

When I do a photocopy I get lines on my copy, although, when I print something there are no lines or when I open the cover and lay the original on the glass there are no lines on the copy. What do I do?

When you feed the original through the top it gets scanned by the photocopier before it lays on the main glass.

To get rid of the annoying lines or streaks on your copies just lift the top cover open.  You will see the main glass. Look to the left of the main glass, there is thin strip of glass on the left.  That is where your original gets scanned as it feeds through the system.  All you have to do is clean that strip of glass. Your copies should be streak free after the cleaning of that glass. There are also instructions just to the left of that strip of glass on how to clean it properly.

If you are still having print quality issues please contact the Help Desk before you contact Xerox. We will dispatch one of our technicians before we contact Xerox.