Printing at School

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Student Printing in Labs

Click here for Step by Step instructions on printing in Labs

Printing/Copying for Students and Employees on Xerox

Click here for Step by Step instructions Xerox printing/scanning/copying

Changing Printers

You may change the default printer assigned to your station (e.g. if it is not working). In the back-boned (networked) labs the printer selection is accomplished within Windows. The printer can usually be selected in the individual software’s print option. To do so:

  1. Choose File | Print… from within the application.
  2. You will be presented with the Print dialog box.
  3. Your print request (print job) will be sent to the printed listed in the Name: field.
  4. To choose a different printer click on the drop down box (down arrow) of the Name: field then select the desired printer.

Deleting Print Jobs

At the Print Release Stations, you may check the status of your print job. You can also delete a print job by selecting Cancel to the right of your document.

Wireless Printing

Wireless printing is now available at the College. For students you will be able to send your print jobs to the Open Access Labs, Library and Classrooms that have network printers with Papercut release stations and Card readers attached.  Please see the instructions below on how to add a printer wirelessly. We now utilize follow me printing. We now print to virtual printers that allow you to go to any print release station, can be in a lab, classroom etc and print your job.

Available Printers
Share Printer Name Function Campus
Open Access Labs
\\printnc1\BlackAndWhite Black/White Welland or NOTL
\\printnc1\Colour Colour Welland or NOTL
\\printnc1\11×17 11×17 Paper Welland or NOTL
How to add a wireless printer using:

How to add a network printer on a Niagara College owned device

(Staff Only)

  1. Click Start go to Settings and select Printers & scanners
  2. Click on Add Printer or Scanner and let the list populate (there are a lot of printers)
  3. Once the printers are listed, find the printer you want to add, click the printer name, and click Add device
  4. The printer will install

If you wish to install a Niagara College network printer on a personal laptop, please contact the ITS Service Desk for assistance. 905-735-2211 x 7642