S212 Meeting and Conference Room

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About the Room

  • Six whiteboards surrounding the whole room
  • Two TVs
  • Two Projectors
    • One projector took five minutes to load (so please be patient)
  • Automatic lights
  • There are outlets at the podium
  • Four speakers
  • No outlets at the desks
  • One projector and TV are connected one side left one right
    • Display 1: to the right, if you are standing at the podium
    • Display 2: to the left if standing at the podium



To start your presentation

When you approach, the touchscreen will automatically turn on and display the last menu selected.

  • You may need to manually pull down the two projector screens


The controls for the touchscreen

PC Menu

PC menu
When the PC menu is selected, the display will reflect what you have chosen for your screens output


Duplicate – Shows your desktop on the projector

Extend – uses the projector as a second monitor (landscape view)

Second Screen only – Displays only on the projector, not the podium


You can quickly switch through views with Win + P on the keyboard


You can also change the Monitor/Projector displays by:

  1. Right-click on the Desktop
  2. Select Display Settings
  3. Choose the desired display
  4. Select Keep Display or Revert



This will display whatever devices screen you have connected to it.

HDMI menu
There is an HDMI connection next to the Computer

HDMI cable


Doc Cam

You can use this to show documents.

Doc Cam


Lighting Control

Lighting controls

High, Medium, Low – Lights adjust accordingly 

Projectors – Dims the light for optimal projection

Whiteboards – Dims the lights at the back and brightens the ones closest to the big whiteboard at the front

Off – Turns off the lights.


Display Control

Display control


W212 Help


The controls for the unit below

unit below


Click here for the PDF.